Leverantörens egna ord

Raidho – For the Journey In Denmark, exploring is in our blood. Our ancestors built ships – and what ships they were. Sailed across the widest seas to undiscovered lands, horizons were for expanding, corners for turning, chasms for crossing…
These days that spirit of adventure is alive and well, embodied in innovative Danish design and iconic products. It’s in our DNA. At Raidho we too follow our dreams and our hearts: what our ancestors brought to geography we bring to the art of recorded sound. They built ships previously undreamt of: we build speakers that make music a living, breathing, thing. Beyond the facts of the sound, beyond the technological horizon, that’s where you find the essence of the performance, the emotions it stirs, the reactions it conjures. That’s what we seek and where we seek to take you. We do it by using new technologies and innovative materials, blue-sky thinking and a lot of experience.

We make our own drivers and components – because nobody else does it the way we want. We build everything in-house – because the devil is in the details (and there’s a little bit of devil in every Dane). We build speakers with boat-shaped cabinets – speakers that stand bold and stark, like masts against the sky.

The result is a range of products that are anything but ordinary; they don’t look – work – or sound like other speakers. It’s what makes them special. It’s what makes the music they make simply extraordinary. Take them on your journey and you’ll experience extraordinary too.

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