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Børresen Acoustics was established in 2017. Børresen develops, produces and sells a series of high-end loudspeakers with newly invented and patented technology. Generally speaking, speakers have not changed much over the past 100 years.

Michael Børresen has set out to rethink speakers based on a desire to give the customer an experience for all senses. His aim is to give every customer the experience of having a live concert in the comfort of their own home. The patented iron-free system, the Børresen speaker units, deliver an extremely sensitive performance capable of playing everything with superior power and detail.

The first series of loudspeakers were introduced in 2018 and since then, Børresen has introduced a top model: Børresen 05 early 2019. Børresen loudspeakers utilize the technology and experience gained from many years of working in this particular field. Naturally the speakers offer the best of Ansuz technologies.

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Börresen Z-Series

Den nya Z-serien kommer slå “knock out ” på de mesta rivalerna i sitt prissegment. Betydligt lägre pris än Börresen’s topp-serien. Med sina lite större

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