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“At Quadraspire we are music lovers. We would like everyone to get the most out of their HiFi systems and enjoy the thrill of live or studio music in their homes. We strongly believe this is possible with the right set up including the right support for your HiFi, whether it be one of our HiFi racks or QPlus supports. All HiFi components, whether or not they have moving parts, can produce and absorb energy that can have a detrimental effect on sound through noise interference. We have researched the impact that different materials and shapes have on resonance and sound. As a result, our HiFi racks and QPlus supports use materials that have lower resonance levels and where possible use the innovative Quadraspire curve to avoid the parallel lines that encourage standing waves. This helps to filter out interference, reducing the noise floor and opening up the soundstage so the music more accurately reflects the original recording. All our HiFi racks are modular and flexible to accommodate a wide range of ‘HiFi systems. Quadraspire products are designed and made at our own manufacturing plant in Great Britain and sold around the world.”

Eddie Spruit

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