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First and foremost, we love music. All of it – from Puccini to Prince Buster, Public Enemy to Duke Ellington. No matter who or what you’re into, there’s something quite fundamental about the power of music. As human beings, it moves us. Sometimes it’s like a personal soundtrack to our daily lives. Other times it’s almost transcendent, elevating us above and beyond the day-to-day. It brings us together, soothes our souls, lifts our spirits, fires our minds and frees our bodies. At Gamut, we’re here to move and be moved.

The Gamut Hi-Fi Lobster Chair is the world’s first music listening chair. Its ingeniously-crafted headrest incorporates a special material designed to better reflect sound around your ears. The effect is striking – the soundstage becomes more precise and natural, allowing your music to spring to life in your living room.

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